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Green Dreams

I have only one ambition in life

Chase Williams
4 August

Chase’s Info

Name: Chase Williams
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Profession: Trainer as of right now, though there are rumors around him about being more then your normal trainer.

Notable Possessions: He has with him a stolen pokedex from Professor Oak. A watch that he took from the Hoenn region and various other pokemon gadgets from other areas, which he’s not ashamed of taking in the least.
Badges Collected: As of right now. None. He’s just starting out honestly.

Chase’s Story
Appearance: With soft blue eyes and blue hair Chase stands out as a gentleman. He dresses in a white and red school uniform, and likes to keep it clean. He tends to keep himself very neat and tidy even during a battle and will only get dirty if someone he cares about is in danger or his pokemon. He knows he’s good looking but pretends to be humble about it and has a nice smile.

Personality:What can one say of a prince charming. He’s sweet and kind and polite, at least on the outset. But his polite nature hides something darker and more sinister. He can be very manipulative, cold, and even cavalier about things that he doesn’t care about. He’s smug when in true form and will do whatever he has too to win. He’s not above stealing and taking things for himself. He’s also not above lieing to get what he wants and using people against one another. Yet he comes off as ever so nice, even when he’s being intentionally insulting.

Hometown: Unknown as he won’t disclose it, but it’s around the Kanto region. How he came to be in Shiko is a mystery unto itself. He likes keeping his past very guarded.

History: Little is known about Chase, if that is his real name, but what is known is that he does have a father and a mother that are alive. Both work for research and are proud of their work. He talks little about his past, but he did apparently attend a pokemon school to learn to be a trainer. Chase worked in various regions prior to coming to Shiko, though why he didn’t stay in one place has various people confused. He doesn’t like to be overly excited about his past so he’ll just keep to himself. The more you get to know him the more will be revealed.

Extra: Chase knows a lot about various teams in different regions, for a price he will talk about it, but if you piss him off and insult Kanto’s Team Rocket, he becomes very nasty and will take it personally.

Chase’s Pokemon

Favourite Pokemon: Seedot

Pokemon Team:
Pokemon: Tangrowth (Ma)
Gender:, Female
Ability: Leaf Guard
Short Bio: It’s unknown how he got a tangrowth, what is known is that this pokemon is the more like a mother to Chace and is always taking care of him when outside it’s ball. It’s protective of the boy for some reason and he calls it Ma to make it happy.
Moveset: Ancient Power, Vine Whip, Stun Spore, Poisonpowder

Pokemon: Tropius
Gender: male
Ability :Chlorophyll
Short Bio: Tropius is a pokemon that Chace caught, again like Tangrowth, Chace won’t say much about the pokemon. He seems very proud of it though and treats it like a close pet. It’s also his way of getting around.
Skills: Gust, Razor Leaf, Whirlwind, Body Slam

Pokemon: Turtwig (Wiggy)
Gender: male
Ability: Overgrow,
Short Bio: The only pokemon named really by Chace. This pokemon is quiet peppy and Chace treats it very kindly and is very protective of it. He seems interested in seeing that it matures into a strong pokemon and intends to have it as his first and foremost in all his battles.
Skills: Bite, Absorb, Withdraw, Tackle
Info about Me
Elizabeth N.

Age: 27
Your LJ: Darkspellmaster

RPG History: Too much to say here.
Characters Played: Too many to list here.

Contact Info: msn darkspellmaster. Pokegirl0251@hotmail.com