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So it appears that a number of people have lost their pokemon via the box system. While I'm disgusted by this, I must say it's rather ingenious. Bravo for them for thinking this up, but know you will be caught and then...well be hopeful I'm not the one that catches you.

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{Private to Self}

It can't be who I think it is. I mean I don't doubt that Rockets would try this but someone is taking from our old plans. This upsets me. While I hate my old team, I can't help but feel pride for our work. I have to find out who's behind this and how they knew the way to steal with the box system.


It has come to my attention that there's been some judgments about me regarding my affiliations. How funny that this should be of all my problems right now. The fact that I'm even suspect as being part of the gang that stole the Lapras eggs is ludicrous. What reason should I have, or want, for Lapras eggs? I have no pokemon that would eat them. I'm not into water pokemon. And I don't really like baby pokemon all that much. Like human children they can be big bother. So I ask you, who started these dumb rumors about me? If you have the cowardice to say such things behind my back then have the courage to say it to my face. Of course that is if you have the courage, which clearly you don't as you need to start speaking lies and spreading untruths in the first place because of your dislike for me. I would like it to stop and very soon, or I shall have to take it up with someone of higher authority.

.2 Theft

I'm sure you've all heard about the loss of Jasmine Hino's prized Lapras Eggs. This is truely a shock that such a theft could occure at a gym where two highly trained leaders, Jasmine and Tamaki Kido, were present at the time. Really, this makes me worry as a trainer if I stay at a gym to rest or train, will my pokemon be taken too? Does this mean all other leaders are as lacks as they are? Really I thought the Shiko region was known for it's highly skilled gym leaders, now I'm not so sure.

In any event, this whole thing makes me angry and I truely hope that someone finds those eggs. The fact that two newbish trainers, a Kazukya and Asuka, were the two that did the most damage says something about how truely sad the state of the Shiko region is. I think I would find a stronger challenge in the Indigo league then here.


Shiko is so different from the last region I was in. It's so open and unexplored. I like this place. It's...nice. Just wandering is fun, wonder if I can get these badges. Should be interesting.


I'm going to have to be careful about a boy named Kazuya. I'll keep him close to see how much he knows and if he knows about me. If he does I can just take care of him. An accident or something. I would really rather not have someone find out my location. If Oak manages to get Lance on my case then I'm going to have to move and get out of here fast. This bike might be useful. Even if I lose, I can just take it from the idiot that wins. After all, I have the skills to do that.[/private]



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